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Kink Spaces

Supporting the Los Angeles kink community with open and versatile work / play spaces designed for those of us working and living in kink.


Let's bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream, break stereotypes, inspire each other, while connecting and growing personally and professionally.


The Vision

Kink Spaces is the brainchild of Zoey Trope. Frustrated over the lack of versatile spaces for kinky people to use, Zoey became inspired to create kink-friendly co-working spaces for people to collaborate as well as versatile play spaces for people to explore their kinks without renting out an actual dungeon.


About Zoey

Zoey is an lifelong kinkster and writer who perving on the internet since AOL chat room days and has been drifting down the rabbit hole since. As a college student, she began writing about her sex life and her exploration of all different flavors of kink and nonmonogamy. By 2007, she was included in a Rolling Stone list of "Dirty Diaries" and continues to share her exhibitionism with internet strangers today.

You can find more personal stories about sex, love, and BDSM at xoxofufu.com. Follow Zoey on Twitter for her most intimate current thoughts.

The Concept

Members have exclusive access to reserve and use the spaces to work, socialize, play, or just be amongst your kinky peers. Get to know someone or learn something new all in a judgement free zone.

The Open Study

Drop in anytime, this is the kinky co-working space of your dreams. Work on your kink-related projects openly and get feedback from your peers.

A photo by Craig Garner. unsplash.com/photos/YoadQb46v6k

The Open Bar

Refuel with fresh juice, caffeinated drinks, and rotating selection of beer & wine. 

The Open Studio

Get ready to play. The studio is a modern dungeon and versatile space for instructors, practitioners, therapists, creatives, professional and lifestyle players to use as they please. Implements, furniture, and props also available. 


The Open Workshop

A space to teach and learn.

Do you want in?

Kink Spaces is a private and exclusive space for kinky people who live, work, and play in LA.